Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Apple gets it wrong

Or, in which he demonstrates the even-handedness of his backhand slap

Time was, Apple had a really useful, simple "Feedback" page on its website, where anyone at all could tell them what they thought about its products, whether reporting a bug or making a change request or a suggestion. I personally put in at least one piece of feedback a month since discovering the page, and I'm pleased to say that some of the things I reported were fixed (not to be too boastful, they were surely reported by a hundred thousand other people too).

Well, since a few weeks the German-language feedback page requires authorization: you need to enter a user-name (an Apple ID) and password before you can submit your report. As it happens, I already have an Apple ID, but this page won't accept it. (The English-language page is OK, meaning no authorization needed.)

WTF? I cannot believe that this is intentional, I cannot believe that Apple is suddenly no longer interested in hearing what its users think.

On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that the people who used to read these reports haven't yet noticed that the volume has fallen off drastically (not to say ceased entirely); or that they would not ask why this should be. Somebody has screwed up, and several people need their arses thoroughly kicked. Get on to it, please.

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