Wednesday, July 25, 2007

About next week

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Everything gonna be all right this morning
Oh yeah
McKinley Morganfield, better known as Muddy Waters
Ageing Yuppie called to arrange a further three weeks of work in Hamburg, starting next Tuesday. Good. Perhaps I'll even get to see something of the city this time! AY suggested that I could stay for the full three weeks, to have two weekends off for touristing and fun. I'm not sure about that: knowing AY as I do, at least one of those weekends would turn into an "emergency" work session; and I shall have work to do on the database which can't be done there. The plan is for me to stay in a spare room in the office manager's apartment, which is handy because we could drive to work together i.e. she could drive me to work. Nice.

Which reminds me that I haven't finished reporting on the first week of work there. The project is interesting, fitting out a new permanent exhibition in a museum in the ex-capitol Bonn; not architecture as such, rather interior and furniture design and positioning exhibits along the walls, collaborating with the museum's curators who determine the selection and context of the display.

AY has the habit of surrounding himself with pretty young women, a circumstance much to be envied by those in Y-chromosome dominated professions. Since he was on holiday, I was the only male among five women, average age about 26 i.e. theoretically young enough to be my children. Damn, that was a disspiriting sentence!

By the time I arrive, the office will have moved into a building in the warehouse district on an island in the river. Finding a place to have lunch will therefore be somewhat tricky, I anticipate there being any number of hideously expensive yuppie hangouts (check out the residential construction work on the south island on that satellite image) but very few places where normal working stiffs could have a workday meal. I suppose one could brown-bag it, but that implies a degree of planning and provisioning that is hard to manage as a travelling guest-room-user. We'll see.

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